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Visual Merchandising

Sell your brand to maximise footfall and sales

As the concept of large retail stores gains ground in India, the practice and concept of Visual Merchandising is likely to grow exponentially. In the western countries Visual Merchandising receives a very highest priority in commercial planning of a product.

As fashion seasons change, the collections also change in a retail store. When such changes take place the store too undergoes a transformation in decor and visual presentation to appeal to the consumers while announcing new arrivals in merchandise collection.

This phenomenon of transformation of visual presentations and displays of merchandise accompanied by relevant thematic props, is still very new in India. Visual Merchandising and Displays tell a story effectively communicating innovatively to the customer besides being a driver of footfalls for a retail outlet.

Store layout design - Plan your store layout, atmosphere, and create irresistible visual merchandising displays - first to get customers to walk into the store and then ultimately - sell.