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Today most retailers have more styles per season and smaller volumes in each style. Divide this by the number of sizes to be manufactured for each style and it becomes pretty complex to arrive at the right combination of markers so as to minimize the fabric waste and the cost of cutting, but still satisfy the customers order.

There are several parameters or constraints that need to be respected while arriving at the right combination of markers. It could be something as simple as the maximum number of plies that can be cut in the same marker, maximum number of sizes that can be cut in the same marker to much more complex parameters.

There can be more than 1 result for the same order and it remains to be determined which is the best result according to the actual utilization of the fabric for the whole order.

A good cut order planning software will try to model all the parameters to be respected to give the best results.

Once the markers are made on a CAD it can be spread and cut directly on the automatic cutter