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Fast fashion retailers like Zara and Topshop are growing at about three to four times the rate of the sluggish apparel industry as a whole. It helps that while traditional retailers bring in new products about once a month, Topshop generates as many as 300 new designs a week.

At Topshop and retailers like it, the shelf life of a garment has dropped from six months to a few weeks. That's why they call it fast fashion.

At the heart of any fast-fashion retailer is speed. One way companies achieve shorter cycle times is by delaying decisions farther and farther along in the process. Topshop can change the wash on jeans going through a factory in 24 hours, or decide to change a short-sleeve jersey into a long-sleeve with a single last-minute call to manufacturing.

A dynamic environment like this calls for a tightly integrated supply chain which uses cutting edge technology to be able to respond dynamically to the market changes.

At SynerGy Solutions, we understand the ever- changing needs of the business of creativity.